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MARA gold

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Mara is inspired by the array of colors of Tatamá National Natural Park in the western mountain range of the Colombian Andes. It stands out for being a unique and intact natural refuge, thanks to the steep slopes that surround and protect it. Frailejon trees grow everywhere and produce the water that flows in the region. It is a land rich in minerals.

This boho bracelet is braided with a matte golden satin cord, decorated with round beads and chains of different sizes. 

  • All the silver pieces are in zamak (aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy) with a silver bath coating. They are nickel free.
  • Measures: adjustable length and 4cms wide.
  • The sliding knot makes it quick and easy to put on, adapting to any wrist.
  • Silver option available too. 
  • Designed and handmade in Barcelona. 



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