Araracuara & Alejandra Arias

 Araracuara is a contemporary ethnic jewelry brand inspired by Colombia’s vast array of natural beauties, wishing to highlight the beauty of the artisanal world. It stands out for its color and the mixture of different techniques and materials. Each piece is made up of beads that come from different parts of the world and are manufactured in very small quantities. They are made entirely by hand with top quality materials. This being a signature product, it always looks to exalt the originality of the people who wear it: powerful women wanting to stand out, be unique, attractive and different.                         

Araracuara is designed by me, Alejandra Arias, a Colombian living in Barcelona, an architect by profession and an eternal lover of details and color. Since my time at university, I was always drawn to the artisanal world and jewelry. What started as a hobby in 2000, has now become a project that I am still building up and to which I have had the pleasure of dedicating a lot of time to and above all, a lot of soul and heart.

Since 2013 I decided to hone in full time to this project and since then I have participated in numerous fairs and events. Thanks to them, I have been able to reach new markets with my products and meet many special people from many different countries from around the globe.

Each one of the pieces is made with special care and attention to detail. I always want to tell a story through them and bring whoever wears it a piece of that color and that magic that the Colombian Caribbean has. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.