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Puinawai is a point where Colombia stops being Colombia and becomes Brazil. There lies a vast array of jungles, mountains and large granite columns: In the midst of the heat and humidity, nature expands and animals prevail.

Puinawai earrings are made with a central zamak ring and woven with a carmine red rayon thread using artisanal basket-weaving techniques. They are decorated with faceted Czech glass beads in a cooper and red tones, Miyuki beads, square shaped metallic beads, ethnic pendants and Japanese ribbons.  

They are very versatile and can be used in all seasons.


  • All the silver pieces are in zamak (aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy) with a silver coating. They are nickel free.
  • The earring pin is made of titanium in order to avoid any allergy.
  • Measurements: 9,5cms long and 4cms wide.
  • Designed and handmade in Barcelona.   


GUATAPURÍ red, the matching bracelet